Reader response on Moon Of The Crusted Snow

Moon Of The Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice is a story fallowing Evan Whitesky a Indigenous young man in a post-apocalyptic era. When I first started reading this book it felt like the story started off rather slow, for example In the very beginning of the book Evan is hunting which was probably the most interesting thing that happens in the first 5 chapters and continuing from that there isn’t much besides the introduction of the other characters and character development.

Although the story started off slow when I read more into the book it really was amazing after the first five chapters the story really did kick off and make me feel amazing when reading this book, the thing that really made this book enjoyable is the constant “What Next?” as event after event and problem after problem happens that makes me want to know “What’s next?”.

As I read the story I wonder How does the higher ups of the people keep calm and ask others to stay calm when so much can possibly happen and especially when people die how do they do that, for example when the two teens came back from the college and told the community what had happen in the main land I would get scared and it would be hard to keep my calm or even keep it at all. with all that is happening in the story I could imagine its hard to keep calm in such times so I wonder how do they remain calm when so much happens like death and etc… 

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  1.  Consider the quote below. How does power emerge in “The Island”? How is the connection between language and power revealed in the quote? Support your thinking with evidence from the text. 

Power in the text “The Island” emerges from when everyone speaks, everyone in the text speaks with a certain power, like the police they speak they speak with authority and power. Like in the text the boy says he’s fine and that he doesn’t need help but the police do think he needs help and isn’t fine they think this because they have power and authority and this homeless kid must be wrong because they think he’s just some crazy, which would make sense because he getting offered a lot of help and he’s refusing.