GDJ / Pixabay

Robots over the past couple of years have been gaining quite a lot of traction in popularity and development, just think of it robots are used in manufacturing, space exploration (a good example of this is the perseverance rover), surgery, and even to being in your own home as a little vacuum cleaner. Although robots seem to pose very little threat to society now but what about later when technology is significantly more advanced and AI (artificial intelligence) is rather more common amongst society, that is where the fear of robots kicks in, when robots make a general advancement in society. Why do we have fear of the robots and should this fear of the robots be necessary?


One of the many fears that society has is the fear of Robots taking over all of our jobs, we’re increasing our knowledge and are advancing in technology so our use of robots will be rather useful and more efficient than actual workers. with that being said robots will likely replace some of our jobs but I believe this is not something that society should fear because we are getting more effective and efficient work from the robots, plus new opportunities will always arise as we as a society are forever advancing and new jobs will more than likely open up, and a good example of this is the possible colonization of mars and possibly many other celestial bodies in the near future.


A more popular belief is that one robots will be so advanced that their intelligence exceeds ours and will see how disastrous and destructive we humans are will take over the world and destroy us all. However this more than likely can be avoided as we ourselves are only in early development of robots and are far away from superior artificial intelligence. So should we be afraid of robots taking over the world? No, we are in early development of robots and are a long way from superior artificial intelligence and we are in pretty good control of all robots and will likely be the case in the future as company’s and industries will likely have control over their robots so the likely hood of them taking over are slim, or for at least right now.


Another reason for such fear and anxiety is the media itself, the media tends to make fear out of a lot of things and the media causes fear of robots. Just think about it movies like ‘The Terminator‘ and “I, Robot” can spark fear of these possibility’s.


So in conclusion I don’t think we need to fear robots, the fear of robots taking our jobs shouldn’t be to much of a fear because they will work more efficiently and be more productive then we would and they wouldn’t take that much jobs and there will always be new opportunity’s to arise for humans. The fear of robots taking over the world wont be likely to happen as are aware of the possibility’s and we will be in control of the robots. Not only all of that the media is boosting all those beliefs in films and books etc. So this is why fear robots and why we actual shouldn’t fear the robots.